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About Binon's organically grown cocoa powder products

100% pure Binon cocoa powder, no fragrance, no additives, in addition, it is also characterized by not going through the alkalization process, so it retains the pure flavor of cocoa beans.
A few pros and cons of alkylation.

Advantages: Reduces acidity and bitterness, easily soluble in water, darkens cocoa powder and almost like chocolate color, cocoa flavor is stronger.

Disadvantages: Due to the removal of the original sour and bitter taste, it also accidentally removes the uniqueness of the product. Reduced catechin content and significantly reduced the anti-aging effects of antioxidants (50% reduction as reported by Hershey's).

Because the alkalization process reduces the natural flavor as well as the wonderful benefits of cocoa, we thought that we should bring to the market the products that do not alkalize, retain the most unique and natural cocoa powder flavor.

In addition, cocoa also has many useful effects as follows:
✌️Boost metabolism
✌️Digestive system support
✌️️Stable blood pressure
✌️makeMakeMMake your skin beatiful, anti-aging skin

With cocoa powder, it can not only be used as a drink but also can be used in baking and beauty treatment. This superfood powder is very suitable for those who want to be healthy and beautiful.
Try to add this superfood in your daily menu, an easily absorbed, highly nutritious food.