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Thanks to the typical climate and soil, the cocoa tree in Chau Duc district has high yielding quality and unique flavor when processing products from these cocoa beans. Realizing the above advantages, Japanese experts in the field of high-tech agriculture have combined with a number of Vietnamese enterprises to establish Binon Cacao Joint Stock Company with the desire to produce delicious chocolate products. healthy, with its own local flavor.

To do this, Binon cocoa company has mobilized and cooperated with local farmers who are cultivating cocoa trees by traditional methods to switch to organic farming model. Binon cocoa's engineers went to the locality to advise and guide the technical process of proper care as well as the output consumption of fresh cocoa. As for Binon cacao company, at the beginning, it only planted experimental cocoa on 2 hectares, until now, it has expanded the area of ​​cultivation land and factory on the campus to 17 hectares in Bau Sen hamlet, Xa Bang commune, district. Chau Duc. Binon has a modern production line imported from Japan, fresh cocoa after being harvested in the garden and arriving at the sorting factory will go through 10 stages of a closed production line to produce chocolate bars with high quality. Unique delicious taste branded Binon Cacao.

The campus of Binon Cacao Park is cool and poetic with lakes and perennial forests,
an item of Binon Cacao Joint Stock Company (Chau Duc District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province). Photo: Nguyen Luan
The perennial cocoa garden of Binon Cacao Joint Stock Company is in the harvest season. Photo: Nguyen Luan
Cocoa is fully cared for and the soil is suitable, so it grows and develops very well in the land of Chau Duc.
Photo: Nguyen Luan
Mr. Truong Van Tan has more than 10 years of experience growing cocoa in Xa Bang commune, Chau Duc district, harvesting cocoa in the garden.
Photo: Nguyen Luan
Visitors to Binon Cacao Park will be able to visit and experience cocoa fruit harvesting at the garden. Photo: Nguyen Luan
Binon cacao specializes in growing yellow and red cocoa varieties, cocoa fruit grows well for large, smooth and juicy fruits.
Photo: Nguyen Luan

In the first two months of 2022, Binon Cacao welcomed more than 4,000 visitors with a revenue of VND 360,820,000.

Mr. Truong Van Tan, a farmer with more than 10 years of experience in cocoa growing in Xa Bang commune, who is currently growing and supplying fresh cocoa to Binon company, shared: "The current model of cocoa cultivation is no longer available. difficult and arduous due to the company's careful instructions on standard care procedures, automatic irrigation system and no care, with the price of fresh fruit ranging from 5,500 - 7,000 VND/kg At present, growing cocoa is still more economic than some other crops. In addition, the cocoa garden that Mr. Tan is taking care of is also a frequent destination for tourists to visit and learn from.

Initially, Binon Cacao Company only focused on producing chocolates from cocoa fruit, but with great potential from this fruit originating from Central America and its production line advantages, up to now, On average, the company buys more than 6 tons of fresh cocoa a month to produce about 20 products from the delicious cocoa beans of Chau Duc. Some of the main products bearing the Binon Cocoa brand name such as: Chocolate, pure cocoa powder, tea, wine, cereals, cocoa smoothies... Binon Cacao's products are ISO 22000 certified by SGS assessed, so Currently, the Company's products have been exported to Japan as well as present in large supermarkets in Vietnam, and the Japanese Muji supermarket chain in Vietnam.

Sorting cocoa beans in the production line at Binon factory. Photo: Nguyen Luan
Sorting cocoa beans in the production line at Binon factory. Photo: Nguyen Luan
Binon's cocoa bean products are gradually being completed. Photo: Nguyen Luan
Some typical chocolate products of Binon cocoa, it is known that Binon has produced more than 20 types of products
from delicious local cocoa beans, exported to many countries around the world. Photo: Nguyen Luan

In addition, with the criterion of not only being an economic model, as well as the encouragement and support of the Department of Tourism of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province and the Department of Culture and Sports of Chau Duc district, Binon Cacao has built a campus. Its cocoa cultivation and production becomes a unique local agritourism and experiential attraction. Binon Cacao Park area has an area of ​​​​4ha next to the company's poetic Bau Sen lake, which fully meets the criteria to be recognized as a tourist destination. Coming here, visitors will experience many services such as: visiting Binon's high-tech cocoa garden and production factory, enjoying chocolate, drinking coffee by the cool lakeside, and restaurant services, Camping with a capacity of up to several thousand guests.

Post: Son Nghia, Photo: Nguyen Luan

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