Address: Bau Sen Hamlet, Chau Duc District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau


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We would like to introduce the whole process of making Chocolate from the farm until the finished product in “Cacao Farm Tour to Chocolate”:

1. At Cacao Farm: Have you ever taste Raw Cacao Pod? Join with us to taste of Fresh Fruit right in the Cacao Farm.

2. Cacao Tree Nursery: Currently, we are taking care of about 3000 seedlings.

3. Fermentation Room: Let's learn about the fermentation process. This process is quite important to make the unique flavor of chocolate.

4. Cacao Drying Area: After fermentation, Cacao Beans will be dried and in Binon, Cacao Beans will be exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Roasting Room: After roasting, the chocolate flavor spreads throughout the park. Let's taste some Cacao Nibs (fermented Cacao beans are dried, roasted and Cracking).

6. Chocolate Processing Room: Here, you can watch the processing of making Chocolate from Cacao Nibs.


In the beginning of 2019, we plant 1500 Young Cacao Trees and 50 mature Cacao Trees on 3ha Park’s Garden.

Moreover, our nursery is also taking care of 3,000 seedlings.

Would you like to grow your own Cacao? You can plant yourself young Cacao Seedling at Binon Cacao Park.




The next program is suitable for who want to learn, explore and challenge their creativity. This is the experience of create a chocolate bar.

We have 2  making chocolate experiences, depending on the number of participants and time.

The first experience - you receive tempered chocolates that have been 48 hours conching (stirring and kneading) in BINON and pour them into molds to make your own original decorations with cashew nuts, heart white chocolate.

Of course, Binon's Chief will guide you carefully, and you can take the chocolate home after Chocolate is finished. The time required is about 30 minutes, and it can be done within an hour including cooling time, so you can feel free to experience it. You can make delicious chocolate with the original decorations, so it is perfect for Valentine's Day or original gifts!




You can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy your self in nature with BBQ, camping activities in Binon.

Groups of more than 10 people can camp overnight.

In fresh air, BBQ party with your family or best friend is the best of best.

There are 200,000 vnd-300,000 vnd-400,000 vnd course for one BBQ course.

(With mineral water, please order other drinks at the restaurant)



There are two large lakes at the center of the vast campus of Binon Cacao Park.

Since open the Park, we clean the garbage, raise the fish and algae properly to create clear water, which also contributes to the watering of the trees on campus.

There are two types of boats on the lake. One - you can paddle with your feet and another one - you can boat. Which one do you prefer????

On a sunny day, ride your boat slowly and comtemplate the green view. You can enjoy a refreshing breeze and feel refreshed.

Have a great time with your family, friends and lover.